KPC Project Finance


Project Finance and Investment Opportunities


KPC is a Project Finance and Investment Advisory Firm. We’re partnered with a large capital provider who has a portfolio that consists of Alternative Lending, Project Finance, Infrastructure, Real Estate, FinTech Technology, Oil and Gas, Bio-Medical, Software, Banking Transactions and more. KPC is capable of arranging project funding and creative funding opportunities.


KPC provides Project Finance for larger projects such as Infrastructure, Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Resorts, Real Estate and much more.

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Referral Partners

Our Referral Partner Program is focused on its partner and broker network. At KPC, we don’t have a sales team that seeks out projects and businesses that need funding. We heavily rely on our network of brokers. We believe in taking care of our partners and brokers, giving them the security that with every client they send us that we work with, they will be compensated. With KPC, we believe that our partners and brokers play a crucial role and should be treated as such.